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Ryan and Kristine Probst of Island Grove Doodles

Ryan and Kristine Probst and Bella

Both Kristine and Ryan, owners of Island Grove Doodles have always loved dogs. From the time Ryan was a boy, he and his Dad raised and bred Golden Retrievers. When he and Kristine got married, one of their highest priorities was to have dogs - Ryan wanted to continue to breed them and Kristine wanted to have a house dog. While they could continue to breed the Golden Retrievers that Ryan so loved, there was one problem - Kristine was allergic to them - so they could never be house pets. Neither was satisfied with that outcome. They started researching Goldendoodles online, and grew convinced that these dogs could be the answer for both of them - Kristine could have her house dog as the Goldendoodle is known for its hypoallergenic qualities, and Ryan could continue to breed the Golden Retrievers.

They started out with Ryan's favorite Golden Retriever, Rummy. Next, they had to find a Standard Poodle for a sire. This was no simple task, since they had very high standards with Rummy - both in terms of temperament and pedigree - and wanted the same for their sire. After a long search, they found George! Bella, the precocious Goldendoodle puppy joined their family as a house puppy a short time later, and they were on their way! They were thrilled with Rummy and George's first litter, and the puppies received rave reviews from their new owners. They decided to expand to include some English Retriever into their breeding plans. After another very studied and careful search, they found exactly what they were looking for in Lacey, Demi and Sapphire, and again could not be more pleased with the beautiful puppies. Future growth is anticipated with more variety in color and size.

Ryan says "Since we started, we have found that our puppies are not only intelligent and attentive, but also pretty darn cute! We have, and always will strive to provide our customers with the best puppies we can produce through screening of parents' genetics and character traits. We are still learning every day, but with the help of past breeding experience, some very seasoned Goldendoodle breeders, a dedicated (and opinionated) website developer and our local vet, we feel we are leaps and bounds above your average doodle breeder."

When Ryan and Kristine are not tending to their dogs, Ryan helps his Dad with his 800 acre farm and Kristine is employed as a Registered Nurse.