Goldendoodle Puppy Schedule

  • Rummy - Goldendoodle Mom
  • Goldendoodle Mom London
  • Goldendoodle Mom London
  • Bella - Goldendoodle Mom
  • Bella
  • Bella
  • George - Goldendoodle Dad
  • George
  • George Goldendoodle Dad

We invest heavily in our parent dogs, and breed for lineage, aesthetics, termperament and health. As you can see in our photos above, our parent dogs are like family members to us. They each have their own personalities, and we enjoy each of them as individual intelligent beings. Our Moms include Rummy, an exceptional quality Golden Retriever; London, a Champion English Retriever; Demi, our Parti-factored English F1 Goldendoodle; and Bella, who is a beautiful F1 Goldendoodle. George is our lovable and handsome Standard Poodle sire and Teddy is our Red Mini Poodle sire, both also comes from lines of champion dogs of esteemed quality.

Upcoming Litters

This is our best guess of our 2016 litters. Dates are when they would be available to go to new homes. Sign up on our mailing list on the right side of this page to keep informed of our latest litters. Learn the differences between F1, F1B, English and American Retrievers, and FAQ on our Buying a Puppy page

  • February 2016
  • F1 RED American Goldendoodles
  • Rummy & Dante's Inferno
    External Red Poodle Stud with multiple champions in lineage including lines from Majestic Kennels, the original red Standard Poodles
  • March 2016
  • F1B Mini/Med Goldendoodles
  • Bella & Teddy
    Our first litter of moyen sized Goldendoodles - expecting apricots with adult weights of 35-45 pounds.
  • April 2016
  • F1 English Goldendoodles
  • London & George
    Premium litter of English Cream F1 Goldendoodles. Champion quality litter.
  • April 2016
  • F1B English Goldendoodles
  • Demi & George
    Our most sought after pairing. Beautiful F1B English Goldendoodles.

Meet our Magnificent Dogs

  • Rummy

    AKC Golden Retriever

    AKC Golden Retriever

    Rummy is our pride and joy Golden Retriever mom. She loves attention and will do most anything to get it. She has a wonderful temperament and her puppies are normally very playful and affectionate with beautiful coats. Rummy's puppies will be between 50 and 70 pounds.

  • London

    AKC Champion English Retriever

    AKC English Golden Retriever

    London is our newest edition to our breeding program and has Russian Champion lineage from both of her parents. We are very excited to cross her with our George for gorgeous creamy white F1 English Goldendoodles.

  • Demi

    CKC F1 English Goldendoodle

    CKC F1 Goldendoodle

    Demi is our parti English Goldendoodle. Demi's puppies are always very laid back and beautiful - just like she is.

  • Bella

    CKC F1 Goldendoodle

    CKC F1 Goldendoodle

    Bella is our baby. She is CKC registered and is our house dog. It makes things a bit confusing because our daughter is named Ella!

  • George

    AKC Standard Poodle

    AKC Standard Poodle

    George is our family member who provides us with the most entertainment. He is exceptionally smart and is beautiful. His lineage also contains many past champions. He is extremely good natured and loves to play with the Moms and the puppies.

  • Teddy

    AKC Red Mini Poodle

    AKC Mini Poodle

    Teddy is our new red miniature AKC Poodle. We are excited to be able to offer Mini red and apricot Goldendoodles with wonderful temperaments and coloring.