Read what our customers have to say. We are always delighted when we receive compliments and updates about our puppies.

Finn F1B Goldendoodle Reagan and Jackson

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Finn is growing big and strong weighing in at 33.4 lbs today. He gets along well with other dogs - especially puppies his age and doodles - of any age! He loves people and wants attention from everyone he meets. He has brought on a lot of smiles and I am sure you all know what I mean! Feeling very thankful and wanted to share.
Rhonda L.

Bennington Mini Bernedoodle Aspen and Thomas

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
Benny is safe and sound in California! His little personality is developing and oh my goodness he has stolen our hearts. He is the absolute smartest little man. He loves to stare at himself in the mirror and will then proceed to bat the mirror with his paw and shake his head! He's also in love with watching tv... Christmas hallmark movies and family feud are his favorite - he'll literally watch for about 10 minutes straight. He loves belly rubs and a stuffed moose toy. We took him to the vet and they were in awe of how healthy and beautiful he was - they wanted to make sure we told you guys just how good of a job you guys have done. He is a true blessing and we are just so in love with him. Thank you for everything!
Jessica, Maxwell & Bennington

Lux Bernedoodle Clover and Jackson

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
I begged my husband for a long time to let me have a bernedoodle. I looked them up on Pinterest, etc. for a long time. I finally found Island Grove Doodles online and wanted so bad to call and get one. Six months down the road, I met Kristine (the owner of Island Grove Doodles) but I did not know she was the owner at first. I was talking to her one day about how much I wanted a Bernedoodle! Little did I know she sold them, and not to mention owned the site where I wanted to get one! I KNEW that was my sign. I bought a Bernedoodle from Clover's litter, and I named her Lux. Island Grove Doodles gave us all we could possibly need for the first couple weeks of having Lux! Lux is the sweetest dog! She fit in so well with our family of a Goldendoodle and Standard Poodle! She was so easy to train, she is playful, and so lovable. NOT TO mention, SO BEAUTIFUL! I have received so many compliments on her! She is also so good with other dogs, and my niece and nephews! I would highly recommend Island Grove Doodles!!! I am also so blessed to have Lux in my life. I can promise you, you are not only buying a dog your going to be buying a lifelong friend. Kristine is one of the sweetest people I have got to know and she still checks in on me and Lux! I am so thankful!

CoCo Goldendoodle Bella and George

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
Coco is doing great. She weighs in at 85 pounds! She was one of the bigger pups in that liter and is what I was looking for. She has been a very good dog. Smart, loyal, affectionate, well behaved, and a joy to have around. She is my shadow. Everyone calls her "Bear" sometimes because when her hair grows out, she has a big head :-). We call her our 85 pound lapdog! Her coat has become lighter as she gets older as the tips become more white than apricot. She is protective of our older Golden-Doodle Trixie (3 legged) and they get along great.

Norbert Bernedoodle Shelby and Thomas

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
Norbert is doing great! I think the thing that surprised Elle and I is just how smart he is! He has sit, stay, rollover, lay down, paw, high five all down like a pro! We put bells on the door for him to tell us when he wanted to or had to go out for the bathroom and he picked it up after the first week! He only had 2 accidents the entire time we have had him! He is a very independent dog when he wants to be but loves sleeping with us in our room and won't go in there until both of us are in! So dang cute! We take him to daycare twice a week and he has made friends there and loves going there! Also, he is so fast like really really really fast watching him run sometimes is incredible! Overall he has been a tremendous member of our family and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. He is a big lovable dork who smothers us with his licks and hugs!
Alex and Elle

Teddy Bernedoodle Shelby and Thomas

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
I wanted to send you all an update on Teddy! He is a JOY and we are having so much fun with him. He is a very good little puppy, super friendly and great with people. He is doing so well with the potty training and the vet says he is perfect!! He loves his toys and is very playful when he wants to be! He is a total lovebug and loves to cuddle and be right by my feet. He follows me no matter where I go. We are so in love with him!! I also wanted to let you know that on my walk today with Teddy, we bumped into another Bernedoodle, got to talking, and found out he was from Shelby and George's previous litter! Such a small world that Teddy got to meet his half brother, Mischa : ) They loved each other : )
Sarah R

Philly Bernedoodle Shelby and Thomas

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
Just wanted to send an update. Philly (gray) from Shelby and Thomas is doing great. We are constantly stopped by people who tell us how cute he is. He is my little shadow.
Mindi G

Lola Bernedoodle Aspen and Thomas

Island Grove Bernedoodle Review
I looked at your website today and thought, "Oh, my Lola is so cute and should be on your website!" Well you do have her in the tub when she was a baby but attached are some pictures of her now! I love her to pieces so thank you so much!!! I hope all is great with you and the pups!
Sue N.


Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
This is Molly (newest Colts fan) with Jacoby Brissett (starting QB for the Colts). I thought I would share with you guys! Molly is doing great and our family absolutely adores her!
Brandon Y.


Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
We took Annie on vacation. Never had a dog behaved so perfectly. Everyone was going absolutely nuts over her. One man gave me his business card and said he would make it worth my while to sell her. Last week at the park a man offered me $2500 for her. She is so calm and mellow. Man is she getting big. She is going to be a huge dog. We are so amazed how well behaved and calm natured she is. She is a diva. She expects everyone she passes to stop and acknowledge her existence. She is really an awesome puppy

Keats (Shelby and Thomas)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
We have been meaning to reach out to tell you how amazing Keats (boy blue) is. He loves people and dogs and is such a wonderful pup. He just has a wonderful happy personality. We have been doing training classes with him and he has picked it up so quickly. We absolutely love him and are so happy to have him as part of our family.
Cindy L

Tucker (Aspen and Thomas)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Tucker turned 6 mos. this weekend. He is a ton of fun and a ball of energy. He is great with everyone and all dogs he meets. His coloring is more beautiful with each passing day. Thank you for our little Tucker!

Tucker Update: Things are great here in NJ and Tucker is loving life. He is a rambunctious, strong willed and extremely smart little guy. He is very loving and is great with other dogs. He is about 47 pounds and we think that is about where he will stay.
Carrie W

Beckham (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Beckham is the greatest puppy. At only 12 weeks he's totally house broken! More great things to come.
Fausto & Janet M

Bella (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Bella loves playing! She especially loves playing keep away with socks and mittens. She hates going for walks but loves riding in the car and going to the pet store! She plays at day camp during the day some times and has found a boyfriend there named Dino. Always has a toy ready but totally not allowed on the couch!!
Linda T

Callie (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
We have Callie; she is about 40 pounds and gets lots of compliments on her soft curly coat. She is very smart, loves to play and be around people. She is so calm when there are a group of kids trying to pet her! She loves to take walks, pick up sticks and be at our feet while cooking in the kitchen. Our two children love to play chase around the living room with her (of course, Callie usually wins), cuddle with her and play outside. We took her with us to Colorado at Christmas and Callie got to play in the snow for the first time. It was difficult to get her to come back inside, even when her paws were filled with snow. She absolutely loved it.
Nikki and Nathan

Misha (Shelby and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
My youngest daughter and I just wanted to send you an email to tell you that 6 months after picking up a bernedoodle puppy you temporarily named "green" from y'all in September of last year, that same puppy is now "Misha" and is turning into the world's greatest dog. He couldn't be nicer to all kids, loves almost all other dogs, and is super smart and very "chill". He was super easy to house train, and is happiest when around other doodles. He's got the greatest attitude when we walk him and everyone wants to pet him. We can't thank you enough for a great puppy!
Kevin W

Luther (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Here is a photo of our five kids and Luther from Christmas. There is so much love to share - we need another!

Update: Good evening! Here is a photo of our lovely dogs, Luther (4.5 years) and Scout (7 months) (see the Contact Page for photo). They are such buddies. Here they are sitting together all on their own. Scout really looks up to Luther but Scout is actually the boss. As you can see, they are beautiful dogs. We are always complimented on them. Once again, we got the quietest and shyest dog when we got Scout (girl Silver) just like Luther. Once again, we have a dog that is wonderful. We just love your dogs!
Ingrid and Neil

Cubby (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Cubby is just the cutest. He's getting so big...about 30+lbs now. The vet thinks he could get up to 75lbs! Big boy. He's currently enrolled in puppy obedience classes and he's just so darn smart (sometimes too much so)!! We were promoted to the next level after only 1 class (we were training sit, down, stay, etc. at home before even starting classes) and have just been told we can move up another level. Proud mama moment! I think we're going to continue up the levels and maybe even see about therapy dog training. He's got such a funny little personality. One person in his puppy classes said that he's like the Class President...he just wants to meet everyone and be immediate friends! He loves everyone, people and other dogs, and he's got a bunch of doggie friends around the neighborhood. We are stopped by people on the street all the time asking to meet and pet him. Cubby happily obliges! With us at home he's just a playfully, loving little guy, and is a big snuggle monster. We love him dearly and couldn't be happier!
Yurika and Matt W

Oakley (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Oakley loves people and is the most social dog on the block! He is around 60 lbs and seems like he will never stop growing! He has quite the crazy amount of energy, but is pretty laid back at the same time. He loves to play with his ball and loves to be pet constantly! He also likes eating socks too...we learned our lesson with that really fast!
Yurika and Matt W

Hank (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
We just wanted to update you and introduce you to Hank. We also wanted to say thanks again for everything! We've told many friends, family and fellow dog lovers where Hank came from and how great you all are! This is Hank. He was boy brown in London and George's first litter. He is almost 8 months old and 50 pounds. Hank makes us laugh everyday with his silly personality! He's extremely outgoing and loves attention (he will tell you if you're not giving him enough.). He loves to play with his two shih tzu brothers and is very gentle with them. He does very well in his training classes. Everyone loves him! People stop us all the time and tell us what a cute/beautiful Goldendoodle he is. Thanks again for helping us with a wonderful addition to our family!
Yurika and Matt W

Bear (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
We have Bear (puppy with the green collar) and he is wonderful! He is BIG - he's 64 lbs - but has a sweet nature and laid-back attitude. When people meet him, they can't believe he's just a puppy! He will run up to strangers and immediately sit down at their feet so they can pet him! We have two kiddos that he could play and wrestle with for hours. Bear loves to be cuddled, and is at his happiest when he is close to one of us. The only thing Bear loves more than cuddling is EATING! We tell everyone where we got Bear in the hopes that our friends who want Goldendoodles have a positive experience as well.
Julie B

Jeb (London and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Jeb is the love of my life! He has grown a bit, he's 50 pounds. He is one of funniest, happiest dogs I've ever owned! He also gets along great with his house cat Gus!! We have completed our first puppy kindergarten program and beginning February 7 Jeb starts his obedience class. Because of his awesome personality and how much he loves people, I've been thinking of getting him into service dog training. That's just a thought right now but I'll keep you posted!
Linda S

Teddy (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Teddy has settled in wonderfully with our family! He loves to take walks and play with other dogs. He doesn't like to be alone and always greets us when we come home with so much love. When the kids get home from school, he runs to the door with his toy and is so happy! Teddy weighs about 30 pounds. Vet estimates 35-40 pounds.
Lisa B

Wrigley (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Wrigley has been a wonderful addition to our family. This picture is about a month old, but he's currently 28lbs. He has a TON of energy and loves to play with people and other dogs. He's great with our 3 kids and is very intelligent and has been easy to train for the most part.
Doug B

Rocky (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Rocky may be one of the smaller pups of the group. He's around 21 pds right now. He's a great family dog. He waits for the kids to come home from school and he's always baiting us in to a game of chase or bringing us a toy when we get home. He's super smart, training was a snap...only issue is he still wants to be a watch dog and bark at the front door.
Matthew B

Gracie (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Hi this is Gracie (pink collar), she is 20 pounds and has been great. Very active and loves to be around people, kids, and other dogs. First time goldendoodle owners and impressed with how smart she is and how quickly she picks things up compared to other dogs we've had. Couldn't be happier with her.
Tim S

Dexter (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Dexter (boy grey) has been the perfect addition to our family. He's thirty pounds and seems to have stayed that way for several weeks now. He's still skinny under all his fur, so we think he may fill out a bit more. He is very energetic, which is probably why he hasn't plumped up. He loves meeting new people and dogs. He also loves to snuggle on the couch.

Dexter also has an Instagram account @chronicles_of_dexter
Lindsay K

Alvin (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Hey Island Grove! We're loving Alvin's addition into our family. He is now 33 pounds and is very energetic, playful, and fun! He is quite the handful lol. We made him an Instagram: @alvinthedood.
Cindy L

Tucker (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Tucker (boy brown) is doing really well! He has been 23 lbs. and 18 inches tall for about 6-8 weeks now, so we think he may not get much bigger than that. He is so sweet, and playful, with a great temperament. He is always excited to meet people and other dogs wherever he goes. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family! Also, we were so worried about potty training, but he knew already to go by the door to go out. We are so glad we chose Island Grove for our Goldendoodle!
Dana K

Hendrix (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
We wanted to update you about our very smart and adorable boy, who's now a year old, 65 pounds, and our true joy. Hendrix is about the cutest dog around, with a wonderful disposition. Everyone who sees us walking by tells us how beautiful he is, often stopping their cars to do so! He's super friendly with all people, and extremely gentle with kids. He also socializes incredibly well with other dogs, seeming to instinctively know how to approach each one. He is not perfect, as he is still a true bandit, grabbing any towel or article of clothing within his reach, but he's so cute that we can't help laughing about it. We are so glad that we found you to locate our puppy; he was truly worth the trip!
Nadine C

Gus (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Thought I'd send a couple pictures of our Gus. When we came for a visit last March, we asked if these dogs were water dogs. Here's your answer - Gus just brazenly hopped right on the float with his dad. The other picture is after his first grooming. We love our guy. He's so much fun and fits into our lives perfectly. I can't keep looking at your site tho because I want more.
Mike and Laura K

Tucker (Bella and Teddy)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Tucker will be 6 months old this week! He is doing well at 23 lbs., not sure how big he will be yet. We are SO glad we got the last in the litter, he is a perfect fit for us, and we didnt have to choose one over another! He loves to socialize with people and other dogs, loves to steal socks and anything else he can grab and run with :) He really is a sweet sweet soul.
Dana K

Cooper (Rummy and Dante)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Cooper is doing great. He is a wonderful puppy and extremely smart. He was housebroken within a week of bringing him home and has had the run of the house ever since. Despite just turning 7 months, he will be going to take the AKC Good Canine Citizen test in a couple weeks and he is in training for taking his Therapy Dog certification as well. Couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family!
Michele K

PJ (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Review
Our greatest joy, PJ turned 2 this week on February 15th!! PJ is incredible!! The sweetest, smartest perfect boy who we call a human in a fur suit. He is the friendliest and most loving and there is not anywhere we go that we are not stopped. All who meet him fall in love!! He melts our hearts everyday!!
Karen L

Willow (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
We purchased girl yellow (we named her Willow) from Bella & George's. We love Willow to pieces. She is quite busy but we wouldn't change it for anything. Loves to fetch - I mean loves it. She will destroy a toy in no time. We always take bets on how long we think the toy will last. Loves to eat socks and anything she shouldn't too.
Cindy M

Baxter (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
We have blue from Bella and George's litter from October of last year. We absolutely adore him. He lights up our lives (even though he is quite the thief). He has a few doggie friends. His best friends are a labradoodle and another goldendoodle. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of him. He is floating in his pool, inside of our pool. We just love him!
Tracey U

Sadie Belle (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
We saw that Bella and George just had puppies and thought we would update you on Sadie Belle from their last litter. Sadie is the highlight of our days. Every morning she jumps into our bed and pounces us and kisses us awake to let us know she needs to go outside and wants breakfast. She immediately runs to our kids' rooms to do the same to them. She knows our names when we prompt her to "go wake Maddie and Jake" and she loves to play hide & seek with our son. It is a daily activity. She is 49 lbs and is very light tan in color. She loves to play with all of us and has her favorite spots in the house that she has made her own. She, like many others have said, is a little shadow and follows the action. We couldn't imagine a day without her.
Laura and Paul S

Bella Puppy (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Just wanted to quickly send you a few pics. She's getting big fast! She loves the kids.
Michelle H.

Poppy (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Popcorn (aka Poppy) has settled in nicely and is just wonderful! She was the smallest female in the group. She recently had her first real grooming! Her fur is actually very curly after her grooming, and she is mostly white with tan/yellow coloring on her ears, along the top of her back and tail. She has a great temperament...smart, great with kids and other dogs, playful and active. Poppy likes to be outside and likes to run and retrieve balls. She's about 55lbs right now. No health issues! Best of all, she has not triggered my husband's allergies at all! We love her dearly! Hoping when she gets a little older she will 'come' on command. Her love for sneaking and chewing on dirty socks seems to have gone away :)
Vicki L

Coach (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Coach weighs 50 pounds. His coat is a light cream. Ears are slightly tan. He is quite curly and very very soft. Previously having cocker spaniels, I dreaded bath time and matting. Pleasantly surprised how nice these puppies bathed. No matting. Dries extremely quick. When brushed out they look handsome. Absolutely no shedding. They get bathed quite often and are very good about it. He is mischievous and high energy.
Michael G

Charlie (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Charlie is a fabulous puppy. He has gone from being the smallest pup in the litter to a big boy - 55 lbs. he is light colored with darker ears. Very curly. He is fortunate to get to visit his brother Coach fairly often. They look a lot like - similar to George I think. Sweet, easy and laid back - he's a really good dog.

Coco (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
I have enclosed a few pictures of CoCo. She is doing great and has been a joy. She is very smart and sweet with a great personality and disposition. I am guessing she will be around 60 to 65 pounds when fully grown. Our Vet wants to keep her! Her coat is very curly and is tan with some white tips, and red on parts of her coat (ears, etc.). CoCo gets along great with our other Golden doodle (F1), both are females. She is exactly what we were looking for in the breed standard. We were going back and forth with (F1) vs. (F1B) and we are glad we went with the F1B. She is non-shed for sure. She has the bigger, blocky head and shorter snout and other features we were looking for and is perfectly proportioned. Island grove is breeding great dogs.
Brannon and Stacey

Sully (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Sully Boy enjoyed his holidays ALOT. From helping to decorate the Christmas tree to bringing in the New Year he is a great pleasure to watch. Always seems to have a smile on his face and is very close to his Big Brother Ike. He is doing great health wise, with only a ear infection issue that comes and goes. Loves to eat loves treats we are doing more carrots this new year. Snow, snow, snow.... Talks to go out. He is about 80 lbs and loves his baths and grooming gal Katie.
Donna, John and Boys

Baylor (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Baylor now weighs in at 41.4 lbs and stands just 23 inches at withers, Smart and spoiled! Coat as you can see is more poodle like. Great temperament, loves everybody, especially kids. Coat is a light cinnamon, white chest spot still there. She still likes to wrap her paws around you when being pet. Loves the snow, and water in the summer. We love her.
Jerry and Kathy, Burlington, WI

Stella (Bella and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
It's been so fun to look at all the pictures of Stella's (girl red) siblings! Seems that they all have a lot of personality and all really love to steal socks! Stella loves to chase leaves and romp out in the cool weather. She's my little shadow, following me everywhere I go! She's the new favorite puppy of my friend group and I can't wait to see how she likes living in the city.
Molly M.

Stella (Rummy and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
We are absolutely in love with Stella. She is the sweetest dog and has made our family so happy! She is smart, friendly, and lovable, and she is SO well behaved. She loves kids and gets along great with other animals too. She got a lot of ear infections when she was very little, but our vet suggested switching her to salmon and sweet potato dog food as it is less allergenic, and she hasn't had any problems since. She is very light colored and weighs about 75 lbs. We couldn't be happier with her and we would come back to your kennels in a heartbeat!
Lisa, Rick, Harper, and Ava

Georgie (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Hello! Just an update on our sweet baby Georgie! He is 4 1/2 mos old and is doing great! Loves his walks and is enjoying the spring weather!

Daisy (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
We absolutely love Daisy! She is the most well behaved dog we have ever owned. Plays wonderfully with our children and our other dogs.
N. K.

Ted (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Well, Ted is a beautiful dog. He has a fantastic temperament and just loves everyone. He weighs about 75lbs and his coat is golden on his back and flanks, but lighter on his legs, head and face. 1 in a million! Anyone who meets him, fall in love with him right away. My mother tried to get me to let him go back to Ireland with her, when she was here for Thanksgiving.
David C.

Editors Note: Ted is training to be a therapy dog - we couldn't be more proud!

Bo (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Our "boy orange" we named Bo. Last weigh in at 10 months he was 64 pounds. He was the largest of the litter with longest fur if you remember. His color has gotten lighter. Our groomer says he is really good for his haircuts. He has been in obedience classes since a puppy -- has learned lots, but still has a long way to go! The vet says he's in great health and looks wonderful. He torments the two cats one minute and the next they are all sleeping on the bed together. Loves everyone and everyone comments on how cute he is and how soft his coat. He is a handful and sometimes a "wild child" -- but I wouldn't trade him for anything. He makes me laugh and keeps me hoppin' every day.
Betty and Jim

Amber (Rummy and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Yesterday was one year since we met you at the pizza place and became the lucky owners of Amber. My how she has grown. From the 26 pounds she was on her first vet visit to 75.4 pounds today at the vet. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We are constantly complemented on how pretty she is and how well behaved she is. Employees of Petsmart, at the vet, where we board her and neighbors consistently cannot believe how laid back she is. She loves running the length of our yard. She will spot a biker, runner, etc. at a distance and run to the corner of our yard to wait. Then she runs to the next corner to beat them and "show off." Thanks for a wonderful dog who loves to be petted by all.
Trista N and family

Frank (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
This is our 1 year old Frank. He loves to snuggle, run around the farm, and go for car rides. He is best friends with our 7 year old son. We love having him as part of our family! Frank is cream colored, and has a slightly darker stripe down his back. He has a very sweet nature and LOVES people.

Ellie (Rummy and George)

Ellis - Goldendoodle puppy
Hello! We got a female from you in June 2013. Ellie will be 2 on March 29. She is a fantastic pet!! We have 3 daughters, including an 8 month old and they adore her! It's so cute to see Ellie and our baby interact. She weighs around 65 lb!
Amy K

Milan (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
This is Milan (green), he was 70 lb in November, he has cream color, silky, non shedding coat. He is a very social dog, he likes to play with everyone. Finally we did find dog food for him which he likes and it is good for his stomach (Signature brand) non-grain and non-potato food. He doesn't like fruits or vegetables, just meat and bones, he is very picky with treats. He likes cold weather and is crazy about snow. It is fun to have him around, he is keeping me busy and I like that so much. He is a very good dog thank you very much.

Herky (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
We have been loving everyday with our furry baby! He is about 70 pounds now!! What a sweet and silly dog! Everyone always compliments us on how sweet he is. He was easy to potty train, and knows a bunch of commands! He loves riding in the car, running around, playing with his toys, and being pet! Everyone knows him at our local pet store and the kennel we take him to when we go out of town! He has made us so happy! People always ask us where we got him and we always sing your praises. Thank you so much for bringing us our sweet boy!
Stephanie and Andy W.

Daisy (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Thank you for taking the time to check in with us about our Daisy. It is hard to believe that she will be 1 in a little over a month! Daisy has been a sweet, patient, and fun addition to our family. Our two daughters are Daisy's loves! You can tell she enjoys every moment she spends with them. She is a smart cookie who loves playing catch and running and eating the snow! As of right now she is about 55 pounds. Her coat is curlier around her neck and ears but wavy everywhere else. Her color is a very light beige except for some darker spots on her back.

Nala (Demi and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Just wanted to share a picture of the RED GIRL(whom we named Nala) we took from you on April 12th this year. She is a 50 plus pounds well behaved and loving puppy now. Just wanted to thank you guys and share this.

Zoe (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Attached are a couple pictures of Zoe. She is so loving and happy. She is great with kids and dogs alike. She has been a great companion to snuggle with and an even better playmate. We have not had any issues with her!

Luna (Lacey and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Here is one year old "tan" Luna. She is very sweet with a great disposition. She kept her baby coat color of blonde with tight curls. She's a wonderful dog.

Daisy (Rummy and George)

Island Grove Goldendoodle Testimony
Well Daisy is full of love, curiosity, and energy. She enjoys eating our christmas ornaments, snacks from the pantry, and even found our neighbor's wallet. But we wouldn't trade her for the world! She wants to be everyone's friend and we love when she thinks she is a lap dog. She fits perfectly in our family - especially my two boys (11 & 14).